Windows 10 Insiders: You Might Want to Drop Out Now


Microsoft has provided a way for those who like to stay on the cutting edge to get new versions of Windows 10 before they’re released to the public — through the Insider Program. In the Settings menu of Windows 10, you can opt-in to the program and decide if you want frequent updates or only get them when they’re nearly stable.

If you enjoy always testing the latest features, then you should be all means stay on the Insider Program. However, some people might want to take this opportunity to get back on the regular release channel. Now that the Anniversary Update is available for all, Insiders are on the same build as the general public for the time being.

Once Microsoft starts releasing new versions, you’ll have to refresh your system if you decide you want to jump back to the stable version. Here’s how to opt out now in just a few minutes.

Open Settings using the Windows Key + I shortcut, and head to Update & Security. Select the Windows Insider Program tab on the left and click the Stop Insider Preview builds button.

Here, you can decide if you want to stop getting new releases for up to a week; you’ll need to select Need to stop getting Insider builds completely? to totally disable the feature.

It’s easier to re-join the Insider track in the future if you decide you want back in than it will be to leave the Insider program in a few days’ or weeks’ time, so you should act quickly if you don’t want to be on the freshest update cycle anymore.

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If you just installed the Anniversary Update, check out the best new features you’ll love.

Are you a Windows 10 Insider, and if so, will you be sticking with the program? Let us know if you’re doing to drop down in the comments!

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