Use This Simple Trick to Create Secure, Memorable Passwords

Create Secure, Memorable Passwords

The absolute best way to have secure passwords is to use a password manager. It will generate random strings of text for your online services, and then you only need to remember one password — the one you use for the manager.

But for some people, they just don’t like using a password manager for whatever reason. For those people, we’ve found a cool tip on Reddit that will help you come with passwords that are more secure than your run-of-the-mill “123456” or “Password”.

  • Take the name of the service or website you want the password for and use its name backwards (Twitter is rettiwt, Trello is ollert, etc).
  • Plug your numerical birthday in between each letter. If yours is April 1, 1986 and you’re using Twitter, then you’d be r4e1t1t9i8w6t.
  • Capitalize the first letter (so you can remember that’s the one that’s uppercase) and add an exclamation point at the end.
  • In this example, our final password here is R4e1t1t9i8w6t!.

Now, you don’t actually need to remember the password itself, but just how you got to it. You know your birthday, and you know the site you’re using. You know you capitalized the first word and added an ! at the end.

Like we said, this isn’t a perfect solution, and if someone is targeting you specifically, they may be able to crack it, but it will help protect you from mass, brute force attacks.

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Do you have any other cool tricks for coming up with secure passwords? Let us know in the comments!

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