One of the places where you can really feel the customization freedom of Android is with your keyboard. There are keyboards for every kind of typist, so you don’t have to feel locked into just one. Whether you want a minimum look, the ability to swipe out words, or a super-accurate prediction engine, you’ll find something suitable on Google Play.

If you find yourself typing more frequently with your voice than with your fingers, you might be interested in TalkType. This keyboard caters first to speaking, and is perfect for those who often find themselves needing to text while busy. It’s also a great step in controlling your Android phone completely by voice.

The app includes a strong voice recognition engine, which you can speak punctuation words to, as you’d expect. Another unique feature is the trackpad function of the keyboard area, which allows you to easily select the word that you typed by speaking. Round that out with the ability to send GIFs and nearby locations just by commanding them with your voice, and you’ve got a pretty neat package.

Of course, TalkType also includes a traditional keyboard with swiping functionality for those times when you want to tap out a full message. This ensures that the app isn’t so limited that you need to have two keyboards installed. While a lot of keyboard apps include a voice function, it’s nice to see one put it at the forefront.

Not interested in voice typing? Take your pick from our best alternative Android keyboards.

Do you like typing by voice, or do you prefer the traditional method? Let us know if you’ll give this app a try down in the comments!

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