How to Solve Math Equations Using Microsoft OneNote

How to Solve Math Equations Using Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft keeps finding ways to make OneNote (CA/UK) an incredibly useful tool. We’ve already shown you how you can use it to take better notes at school, and today, we’re going to let you know how you can use it to solve equations. Not only that, but you can hand write the equations, which makes figuring them out even easier.

To use the new feature, you just need to create a new note and and write the equation on the screen. From there, OneNote will automatically convert the equation to text and solve it.New to Office 365

While just the ability to solve equations using a note taking app is cool on its own, it will also break it down and show you how to solve it. Let’s be honest, having a computer solve your equation is convenient, but you won’t actually learn anything. Doing it this, way, you’ll get the answer and learn how you got it.

Now you know how to turn OneNote into a math machine. Make sure you also decide which OneNote app is better for you, the desktop or Windows Store app version.

Do you use OneNote? Have you tried the new Ink math assistant feature? Let us know how it is!

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