PEMRA Puts a Blanket Ban on Airing Indian Content on Pakistani TV and Radio Channels


Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has put a blanket ban on airing any kind of Indian content for Pakistani satellite TV and Radio channels.

In a new order issued moments ago, PEMRA has directed Pakistani TV and FM radio channels to not air any sort of Indian content at all.

Earlier, as legislated during Shaukat Aziz time, Pakistani TV and radio channels were allowed to air Indian content up to a certain limit, i.e. 6 percent of air time per day.

However, this is changing now as no Indian content is allowed to be aired in Pakistan at all.

In the wake of recent differences between neighboring countries, PEMRA had requested government to decide on the fate of allowed limit for Indian content in Pakistan.

PEMRA has said that a response from government is received now and based on new government policies, all Indian content is banned for broadcast in Pakistan.

PEMRA said that this ban will be implemented starting October 21st, 3PM and any violations will be dealt strictly through license cancellation without any warning or notices.

PEMRA directive on this is displayed below:

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