Pakistan has nothing to do with Uri attack: HC tells India


NEW DEHLI: Pakistan has once again reiterated that it has never allowed its soil to be used against anyone and there’s no point in blaming it for Uri attack.

In an interview with Indian newspaper, Pakistan’s High Commissioner Abdul Basit said we have nothing to do with the Uri attack. ‘Investigations are still underway to determine what really happened in Uri. I would humbly suggest that it is not helpful to jump the gun.’

We are committed to not allowing our territory to be used for violence anywhere in the world, the HC stressed.

Commenting on heightened tensions between the two neighbors, Pak HC was optimistic of future course and said I am not worried we are about to go to war. ‘We are in a tough phase. And we have challenges. But as a diplomat, I remain optimistic we will emerge from this. I would not give up.’

On question of Kashmiris being a party in the whole dispute, Abdul Basit was quick to respond and made it clear that no solution to Jammu and Kashmir can be sustained if it is not acceptable to them. Their engagement is critical, he maintained.

‘I am not thinking in war terms at all, to be frank. But obviously, we cannot be oblivious to our own security requirements. We will defend our country, that will be done.’

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