How to One-Click Share Article Snippets on Twitter With Chrome


While Twitter’s 140 character certainly has its limits on how much you can share in a tweet, there are a few innovative ways you can get past that limit. Whether it’s using an app like StormIt to organize a series of tweets or expanding your word count by tweeting screenshots from articles.

With Chrome extension, Chirp for Twitter, sharing those snippets couldn’t be easier.

After you’ve installed the Chrome extension on your browser, you’ll want to log in to the service with your Twitter account. (You might get an error after trying to authorize the app. In my experience, logging out of Twitter before you go through the steps to authorize the app solved the problem.)

Once installed, all you have to do is navigate to the article you want to tweet, select the text you want to include in a screenshot. A button with the Twitter logo will pop up.


Clicking that will open up a dialog box which you can move and resize and take a screenshot of that text. If you’d rather not have the text highlighted in your screenshot, just click outside of that box to de-select.

Clicking the Screenshot button will open up a small dialog box in the corner where you can fill in the text of your tweet, and share it with your followers. Chirp will also automatically populate your tweet with the link to the article, and a mention of the Chirp Twitter account (which you can remove).


And the final tweet will look like this:


How do you share snippets from articles on Twitter? Let us know in the comments.