Pokémon Go hit the gaming world with a bang — and while enthusiasm for the game has started to fade a bit, there are still thousands of dedicated players out there, and thousands more whose love for the Pokémon world has been rekindled.

Many players, both young and old alike, are still glued to their phones, trying to complete their Pokédex, and that means some others have found creative ways to cash in on the craze. Here are the top ways others have made money off of Pokémon Go, as well as some doable ideas for anyone that wants to “catch ’em all” and profit.
Sell Your Account
Work hard to grow your Pokémon Go account, and then sell it off to the highest bidder. Yes, you read that correctly. When the game first came out, it was easy to sell a mid-level account for over $100. However, now that the game is more popular, most accounts are sold for around $30–50, depending on the level and Pokédex.
Sell Pokemon on EbayOne account that had a full Pokedex sold for $1,499 on August 20, 2016. Of course, to sell your Pokémon account, you need to have it linked to a disposable email account. It would not be wise to sell a Pokémon account that is attached to your personal email.
Sell Pokémon Cards
If you are one of the rare people that still has their Pokémon card collection still around from the 90s, then now is the perfect time to sell them. Some rare cards are worth hundreds, while most common cards will fetch you a dollar or two. My husband kept hundreds of Pokémon cards, and we have been slowly listing them individually on eBay. The majority of our cards have sold for less than $5 each, but two of our cards sold for about $30 each. It all adds up.
Pokemon CollectiblesIf you don’t have your own set of Pokémon cards to sell, you can still cash in on this idea. You will want to do your research to see which cards sell for the most money, and set eBay search filters to alert you when a new card in your “to buy” list goes up. This will allow you to snag rare cards that get listed with a cheap Buy It Now price. Once you receive the card, you can sell it for an even higher price. You can also look on Craigslist and search yard sales and thrift stores for Pokémon cards and memorabilia.

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Sell Pokémon-Related Crafts

If you are artsy, you can probably find a market for your crafts among Pokémon lovers. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    • Candles — Candles that look like Pokémon, with a Pokémon figurine (if you can score them affordably online) within the candle.
    • Knitted or Crocheted Items — If you love to knit or crochet, then try making Pokémon-themed items, like beanies, fingerless gloves, Pokémon look-a-like stuffed animals, and phone cozies. You could even make a blanket that resembles a Pokédex.
    • Pokémon Office/School Supplies — Think planner stickers, planning pages, Pokémon organizers, and more.
    • eBooks and Guides — Know the best Pokémon tips? Then write them down or record video tutorials that you can package for sale.
    • Jewelry — Create something really unique, like a Pokéball necklace that opens up and holds two small Pokémon earrings, and there’s a better chance of it going viral.
    • Art and Upcycled Cards — Many Etsy sellershave created fun art, like watercolor prints, out of popular characters. Other sellers upcycle Pokémon cards to create other useful items, such as these small notebooks.

Pokemon Crafts

When it comes to creating Pokémon-related crafts, look at what is selling well on Etsy. Out-of-the-box ideas can be some of the most profitable. Etsy seller AVioletAccord sells Pokémon dioramas and has sold 140 of them since opening a few months ago. If someone is capitalizing on your idea, think about how you can sell your craft differently or more effectively.

Bring Customers to Your Business

Many small businesses recognize the potential for profits with Pokémon Go. The New York Post reported on one pizza shop whose business increased by 75% with the use of lures and related specials. Other shops can advertise special discounts and lure times for Pokémon players via social media.

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If you run a small business, you can use the same strategies. Try offering a special menu item named after a Pokémon character, offering discounts, using lures, or having a dressed-up Pikachu on site to take photos with.

Use Lures to Your Advantage

Even if you don’t own a business, you can use lures to your advantage. Why not host a garage sale and advertise that you will be throwing out lures all morning? Even if your lures attract people that aren’t serious buyers, having more people at a yard sale attracts more attention. My most successful garage sales have been the ones where I can create flurries of people. The shoppers feel as if they have to grab everything they can so they don’t miss out on an opportunity.Pokemon Make MoneyIf you sell in a level marketing type of company, such as Beachbody, LuLaRoe, or Scentsy, you can promote family-friendly meetings with lures. Let parents know that their kids are welcome to come, catch Pokémon, and enjoy snacks while the parents listen or shop. Are these far-fetched ideas? Perhaps, but it just goes to show the fun and creative ways you can use affordable lures to boost participation, customers, or sales.

The awakened Pokémon craze has turned many people into creative entrepreneurs. Some have listed jobs for walking so eggs can hatch, while others offer their driving/flying/boating services to help others catch Pokémon. There are so many ideas and opportunities out there, though offering to draw baby portraits within a Pokémon might be a step too far.Pokemon Weird CraftsWhichever way you choose to make a profit on Pokémon, be sure it is legal and safe. Offering to drive a bunch of kids around to catch Pokémon could put you on the hook for child endangerment charges, and trespassing to complete your Pokédex might land you in hot water. Also, you don’t want to breach any copyright laws, so don’t steal images straight from the company.

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Have you thought about cashing in on the Pokemon craze? Share your ideas or your success stories below. We would love to hear how you are creatively making money!