Embassy officials facilitating stranded Pakistanis in Turkey


ISLAMABAD: Under the directive of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Embassy and Consulate General of Pakistan in Turkey are in constant contact with the Pakistani community members who are reported safe.

The officials of the Embassy and Consulate in Turkey were also in constant touch with the Turkish Airlines to help facilitate the departure of stranded Pakistanis.

Earlier, the Prime Minister had directed the Special Assistant on Foreign Affairs to ensure every possible assistance to Pakistanis at the Turkish Airports.

A large number of Turkish Airlines flights had been canceled, delayed or rescheduled out of Istanbul and Ankara because of the situation in Turkey.

The airline has now resumed operations and two officers deputed by the Pakistan Embassy and Consulate General of Pakistan in Istanbul are at the Ataturk airport to assist the Pakistanis, said a press release of the Foreign Office on Saturday.

The telephone contact numbers for assistance in Turkey are as follows:

1. Istanbul 0090 532 568 34132.

2. Ankara 0090 505 979 5393

The Airline was also advised that it should get the tickets changed in the transit lounge.

Both officers are receiving a high volume of calls and if the callers find the numbers busy and the call gets diverted to a recording, kindly try again or text the officer instead, it added.

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