Ek Aur Killer – 108 Full Hindi Dubbed HD Movie, The film begins in a village that was historically known to have been famous for pearls. Pubescent children Seenu and Amaravathi are friends who love to spend time at the village’s lake, with the former going on an endless search for pearls in the water. thegn.co While Amaravathi is the daughter of the village’s richie, Seenu is the son of a servant maid. Amaravathi’s father does not like the closeness Seenu shares with Amaravathi and warns his mother against their friendship. thegn.co On the day Seenu ultimately finds the pearls in the lake, he enters into Amaravathi’s room against the wishes of her father. Suspecting a physical relationship between the two, the father slits the throat of Seenu and throws him in water.

Movie:- Ek Aur Killer – 108 (Amaravathi)
Starcast:- Sneha, Bhumika Chawla, Ravi Babu, Sindhura Gadde, Taraka Ratna
Directed by:- Ravi Babu
Music by:- Sekhar Chandra

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