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WordPress All Courses 2016

WordPress Basics
1 What is blogging
2 What is WordPress (Brief history)
3 The Difference between a Blog and CMS
4 Basic WordPress Terminologies
5 WordPress Installation
6 Understanding with WordPress Dashboard
7 Planning Before Writing First post
8 Create Categories
9 Create Post
10 Blog Comment
13 Create Page
14 What is the difference between Post and Page
15 Creating menus
16 what is Widgets & How to add/remove it
17 Sidebars
18 Create SEF(Search Engine Friendly) Url
19 How to upload images and video
20 How to upload or add theme
21 how to install plugins

WordPress Theme Development:
1 Basic WordPress template structure
2 Theme Development Standards
3 Theme Stylesheet
4 Functions use in template making
5 Create Custom page Template
6 Adding siderbars and Creating Multiple widgets

WordPress Development / PHP Advanced Development
Build HTML5 Pages
Elements and Attributes of HTML5
Working with Audio and Video in HTML5
New Style Sheet using CSS3
Responsive Websites in BootStrap – Media Query
Javascript and Jquery
Pop Menu Alert Boxes
Form Validation
Navigation and Image Gallery
Sliders and Effects
JavaScript calculation form through fields
WordPress Development
How to Install and Configure WordPress
Themes Download / Theme Development + Theme Customization
Plugins concepts / Customize plugins / Create Plugins & Modules
Pages concept / Multiple Pages
Blog Concept
Widget Concept / Add Custom Widget Concept
Adding sidebars and Creating Multiple widgets Header and Footer Concept
Theme Stylesheet
Create Custom page Template
Ensure WordPress website SEO friendly
Add Audio and Video
Upload Website from CPanel and Filezilla
E­Commerce Website / Woo Commerce / OpenCart
Complete installations of E-Commerce Websites
Create Modules / Customize Modules
Create Product Categories Add Product Category Edit and Delete categories
Add products
Configuring and Creating the Store
Configuring and Creating the Products
Managing Inventory Orders and Customers
Security and Payment Gateway
Deploying online store site to the Server
Promoting the Store with SEO

Course Time And Price

1st: simple course 1month / wordpress basics
2nd: course 3month / wordpress advance
3rd: course 6month / wordpress a2z


1st: simple course 1month / Rs: 3000
2nd: course 3month / Rs: 8000
3rd: course 6month / Rs: 20000

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