Bigg Boss 10 19th October 2016 Episode

watch in HD online on DailyMotion only at In todays episode of Bigg Boss 10 19th October 2016, Priyanka says to Rohan that go and wash her clothes now. she throws her clothes and says its my wish, wash it, fight me. Rohan says to Manu that i can do things too, Manu shouts you cant do it even in dreams.

Rohan shouts on him too, Rohan says to Manu that this is difference between you people and us. Manu shouts that what he means by difference? dont you dare say it again, what does difference mean? Manu charges at Rohan but Bani and Karan stops him, Rohan says problem is you try to be good but you are not, Bani whistles to stop fight. Swami says to Lopa that i am follower of devi, Lopa says this is about about following devi.

Gaurva says to Swami that it doesnt suite to talk these things. Gaurav says to Manveer that if Swami has some problem? the one who has NGO, he remains silent to maintain reputation, when talks exceed limits then it destroys your respect, Manu agrees with him.. What will happen in the next telecast? Find out in 19th October 2016 Bigg Boss 10 episode. Join the discussion below with desis from across the globe who love Bigg Boss 10! Complete a quick 20 second registration to get started and then comment about the 19th October 2016 episode of Bigg Boss 10!

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