We’re well into October now, which means Halloween is right around the corner! And even though Halloween is a relatively simpler holiday than, say, Thanksgiving or Christmas, it can still pack a lot of fun — especially if you have younger kids who haven’t yet lost their senses of wonder.

Must-Watch Halloween Videos for Kids

But before you go ahead and participate in any fun activities with your kids, there are a few videos you may want to watch with them. Safety is of utmost importance, but we have a few fun and educational videos for you too. Check them out!

Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety, Safe Kids
Image Credit: Safe Kids Worldwide

Halloween is a much safer holiday than you might think. Most Halloween myths, like poisoned candies, are overblown and rarely traceable to any actual recorded incidents. But Halloween can be dangerous if you don’t exercise the proper precautions, so remember to teach kids about safety first!

Tea Time with Tayla is an entertainment and education YouTube channel for kids, similar to the kinds of shows you might find on PBS Kids, Nick Jr., and Disney. This video is exactly what its title says: a handful of safety tips for first-time trick-or-treaters. And because it’s under three minutes long, it won’t bore your kids!

Adam Pecoraco is another channel in the YouTube-for-kids genre. And while his videos may not have the high production quality that you’d find in other channels, the information is solid — at least in this one, which covers safety tips when trick-or-treating. It may seem corny to you and me, but your kids may love it.

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Halloween Education

Kids are curious, and as with most holidays, your kids may wonder why we trick-or-treat on Halloween or how some of our modern traditions came to be (such as carving pumpkins and dressing in costumes). If you don’t have the answers, you can just rely on these videos instead.

This three-minute clip from National Geographic is a simple and succinct rundown of Halloween, starting from its roots in a Celtic festival and through its evolution into what we know it as today. In true NatGeo spirit, this video is neither exciting nor boring — you’ll learn enough without being overwhelmed.

Thoughty2 is a factual YouTube channel that explores all kinds of weird and fascinating topics ranging from history to science to culture. While this video does have a tiny bit of overlap with the NatGeo one above, it goes a bit deeper. It looks at they why behind Halloween and all of its strange traditions. Why do we trick-or-treat? Well, you’ll find out.

The Funtastic TV YouTube channel mainly produces educational songs for kids, but also puts forth facts and jokes every once in a while. As such, this video is meant for the younger crowd: half entertaining, half educational. All in all, it’s a quick way to spend three minutes as you prepare for Halloween.

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Halloween Crafts and Science

Now we’ve come to the fun and exciting videos! Over the next six clips, not only will you discover some easy craft ideas that you can try with your kids, but also a handful of scientific “experiments” that will blow their minds. Get ready to make this the best Halloween your kids have ever had.

Want to carve pumpkins with your kids? Then watch this video by Game Kids to see how it’s done in a safe manner. Using nothing more than a knife and spoon, you’ll learn how to carve whatever you want.

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The example in the video even involves Minecraft, which is another activity that’s great for kids! If the pumpkin isn’t enough, keep going with these DIY Minecraft projects.

Paper spider webs are awesome. For adults, they’re simple enough to be a mindless and relaxing activity. For kids, they’re simple enough to not require much instruction or dexterity. It’s a win-win for everyone! Plus, you can take the webs you’ve made and throw them up as decorations around the house.

Did your kids find the paper spider webs too easy? Then give them something slightly more involved with these paper plate spiders. Don’t worry — it might be more complex, but only by a smidgen. And you know what would be even more fun for your kids? Combining both webs and spiders to turn your house into a full-blown nest just in time for Halloween!

If your kids prefer something a little more gruesome, show them this video on how to make fake blood! It actually contains several different methods of homemade blood-making, so they can use the one that works best for them. It’s absolutely crucial for convincing Halloween makeup! Just don’t make a mess in the process.

Need some science ideas for your kids? Here are five easy but impressive ones that you can try with minimal effort: vomiting pumpkin, green slime, ghost hand, ghoul launcher, and glowing potions. Your kids will have a ton of fun playing around with these.

Using colored tonic water, you can make some cool Halloween props like the glow-in-the-dark liquid and squishy balls featured in the above video. These would fit well into any haunted house-type attraction, but can be a great way to spook up your candy display as well. Go nuts!

Other Ways to Spookify Your Halloween

You don’t have to do much to make Halloween a blast. Are you stressed? Then take a look at these tips for fear-free Halloween planning. You don’t have to make it complicated if you don’t want to!

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If you have older kids who want to be scared silly, consider watching these horror flicks on Netflix and maybe even playing these fright-inducing video games.

And don’t forget about these creepy Halloween recipes! Nothing is more Halloween than disgusting-looking-but-tasty food.

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Will you be taking part in Halloween this year? What are you and your kids going to dress up as? Tell us about it in a comment down below!

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